Goodbye, February

It’s officially March in my time zone, so let’s take a look at what February provided.

Honestly, not much. I’d say that the boring is worse than the sucky. At least things are happening when your life is in shambles. I know that’s a terrible thing to say, but for me it’s true. It’s hard to make a good story out of something boring.

But tomorrow’s a new month and a new day, and it’s finally worth resetting my watch to the first of the month. Now let’s put some butts in chairs and get back to writing. #MarchIsBIC (March Is Butt in Chair) and NaNoEdMo begin now!

4 replies on “Goodbye, February”

Yay for March is Butt in Chair! I’m so excited to have my favourite group of peer-pressure to carry me through the month. 😀

@ClH2OArs Woohoo! We’ll peer pressure our way through the month together. Finally peer pressure is useful, and I have no idea how fueful came out of that.

My butt is not in the chair neraly as much as it should be- sad to say- thanks for the reminder and the motivation to keep on going!

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