A fetus is testifying in a trial? Wait a minute…

There are a lot of anti-woman bills being pushed through in the U.S. lately, and I really need to stop reading all of them because they only serve to make me angry. That takes a lot, trust me.

But then I read about a bill in Ohio that is attempting to make abortions illegal after a heartbeat can be detected. If that’s not enough, a fetus is being brought in to “testify” (for certain definitions of that word) on the bill.

This brings up many more questions than it answers. What exactly is the fetus providing a firsthand account of? Having a heartbeat? Existing? The purpose is psychological: to make everyone present see the fetus and think, “Wow, this is what’s being aborted.” The psychological trickery is the same thing that happens when women get abortions. And finally, will the fetus be testifying under oath? It can’t take an oath. If it can’t take an oath, it shouldn’t testify, and we all know a fetus can’t take the oath.

Who thought this was a good idea in the first place? Oh. Right.

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@Lori I am not familiar with Rick Mercer, so I’ll check out that video. And satirical journalism? Hmm, you do have a point. Maybe I should look into this.

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