Senate women speak out against anti-women bill

With all these anti-women bills going through, particularly the one sitting in the Senate right now that would cut Planned Parenthood and women’s health clinic funding, you’re probably wondering what the female politicians think about it. Luckily there’s a video of six female senators speaking out against the bill. (I apologize for Jezebel’s terrible layout, but I couldn’t find the original video URL.)

Watching that video gave me one huge question: Where are the Republican female senators in this debate? Out of the seventeen female senators, five are Republicans. What do they think about this bill? Are they actually defending the elimination of services that affects all women? Not all Republicans are fighting for these crazy things; in fact, two female state representatives in Wyoming fought a bill requiring doctors to tell women of their right to see an ultrasound before getting an abortion. So where are the Republican women in Washington? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

(P.S. I’ll be away until Sunday and forgot to prepare posts for my absence. Oops! I had something good planned, too. Guess it’ll have to wait.)

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