Notebook lust

I’ve kept a paper journal since 1998. This is one of my best habits and one of the things I always pick up again after not doing it for a week. As a result one of my favorite things to shop for is notebooks, and I usually have several notebooks waiting to be written in at any given time. (I have three right now plus one in need of some serious repair.)

Tonight I went to a dangerous place for a lover of notebooks: Etsy. Specifically, the items on Etsy tagged “notebook” or “journal”. The many results that popped up fed my insatiable lust for notebooks of all kinds. I found so many gorgeous results that buying all of them, even if I could afford to do so, would give me more notebooks than I could use in a reasonable period. Here are some of my favorite shops.

Boundbyhand creates journals made primarily of leather. I am really digging the journals with the keys, especially this green one.

Baghy makes painted leather journals. I can’t choose a favorite of theirs; I would buy and use just about any of them.

Hannahshandwork makes leather and suede journals. While the prices are above what I’d normally consider spending for a notebook simply because I go through them so quickly, they appear to be of very high quality and besides that, they’re pretty.

Heavensentcrafts makes notebooks that journalers and non-journalers would like. They take recycled materials like Pokemon cards, book covers, and the boards of board games and turn those into notebook covers. Don’t forget the floppy disk notebooks. I want one.

Kreativlink makes softcover journals. While the covers are beautiful and the creator does patterns extremely well, the paper makes these notebooks what they are. They’re cut imperfectly and give the notebooks more character than perfectly cut paper would.

Artreasury also makes leather journals. I like almost all of them, but I’m especially fond of the ones with keys. Yes, I have a thing for keys.

Lapaperie makes leather journals as tributes to literary figures. The journals are beautiful, but the literary aspect makes these notebooks stand out. I especially want the Jane Eyre, Henry David Thoreau, and Honoré de Balzac journals.

I’ll need to get more notebooks in the next few months as it is. Maybe I’ll buy one of these. Sadly I can’t get all of them, or I’d run out of money quickly and would have little space to put them. Of course, I’d have to store those notebooks when I fill them up anyway, so that argument is moot. Anyone want to buy me a few dozen notebooks?

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I too am an avid journal-keeper and I LOVE notebooks! I too love having a special book waiting on the bed for me with my favourite pen, privy to my thoughts and etc. Now you show me so many options! Yikes! I never knew so many beautiful notebooks existed!

Ok, let’s do something. I send you a bag of tea if you succeed in all your March goals. If you win ScriptFrenzy, I’ll buy you a notebook (or if I find one super cute in Quebec, I’ll send it instead)! Is that a deal?

@Lori Hooray, another journaler! I always keep a special notebook and pen with me ready for whatever’s on my mind, too. I’ll gladly take all the blame for showing you all these notebooks, and I’ve probably scratched the surface in all of notebookdom.

@Sushi I wouldn’t doubt that! It’s nice to meet someone else who is as crazy about notebooks as I am. I have one friend who regularly makes nice notebooks my Christmas gift! Dare I send her this link!?!



Field Notes are another fun little back-pocket journal brand for hiking or doing something else where space is limited. Awkward sentence, great product. I’ll have to check out these sites!

ps. I discovered your blog through NaNoWriMo, and I’ve been following since then, lurking all the while. It’s about time that I came out and said “Good words, great ideas. Thank you!”

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