That real book could save your life

I don’t have an ereader. There are several reasons for this. You can’t put DRM on a physical book, real books are more appropriate than ereaders to take to book signings, and real books are still easier to curl up with (to me, at least) than ereaders. Even though ereaders have so many conveniences, there are some issues with ebooks, such as the ability to check out a book or buy a hard-to-find book used, that have made me cling to my dead trees.

Then there’s the fact that real books can take bullets better than ereaders, or at least the Kindle. A few folks decided to test the Kindle against some of the most popular books of 2010 to see how they fared against the gun. The results only make me cling harder to my physical books. Remember, kids: Megabytes won’t save your life when Death comes. That dead tree just might.

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