Pi Day 2011

Happy Pi Day! I hope you remembered to act irrationally today. Last year I posted a bunch of pi-friendly videos and ate only round things. I failed a little bit on eating only pi-friendly foods for lunch since I ate a roughly square sandwich for lunch, but I did make a peanut butter fudge pie this evening. The slice of it that I’ve already eaten is delicious. Now I have to eat it before other people get a hold of it.

This year I note that my dream wedding day is 14 March 2015. This is four years from today. This is also interesting because I have no marriage prospects yet, not even a little bit. Obviously not marrying on Pi Day 2015 won’t be the end of the world, but come on, won’t it be a great wedding day, and won’t it make a great story?

It’d make a great fictional tale whether this story happens to me or not. Imagine someone trying to marry on a deadline with no mate in mind. She’d have to find one, of course, and that would lead to some great shenanigans and conflict. It’d be everything you’d expect out of a romantic comedy, but nerdier. I like this idea. If I weren’t adapting my alternate worlds novel in April I’d write this for Script Frenzy. If I didn’t have a history of always finishing on the 30th, I’d write two scripts. 2012, maybe?

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