Homemade yogurt

I eat yogurt and cereal almost every morning. There’s no reason behind this habit, and I know I can break it perfectly easily. I have before, after all. But if you do the math, yogurt’s expensive. It looks inexpensive, sure, but if you buy a lot of it and eat it daily like I do, the costs add up. It’s not that much, but shouldn’t I try to making my own yogurt?

Turns out that I can. Making yogurt in a Crockpot looks to be really easy and inexpensive, and you can add whatever you want to it. Just throw everything into the Crockpot except the fruit (optional, but I’d add it), let it sit for eight hours or so or overnight covered in a towel, and add the fruit. This appears to make a lot of yogurt, so you’re better off using this recipe if you’re like me and eat it every day. Oh, and yes, you can make this vegan or allergen-free if that’s more your style. I’m definitely giving this yogurt a try sometime.

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Hi Sushi,

You don’t even need a crockpot to make yogurt! I’ve been making it for years! I use a bowl incubated by wrapping it in a blanket. Simple!

When I was in Greece last year, we had yogurt and fruit for breakfast every morning. If I could figure out how to make my yogurt sweet like it is over there…it may be the milk.

Today we make Kefir and have that with fruit and grains in the morning. Yum!

@Lori I think the idea behind the crockpot is that it’s big. Thanks for letting me know that you can use a smaller bowl; I’m the only person in my house who eats yogurt, so making large batches would only result in my eating even more yogurt than usual (which isn’t always a bad thing, but too much of a good thing, you know…)

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