Observations on my alternate worlds novel

I just worked on my alternate worlds novel today for twelve hours straight once I took bathroom breaks, Internet breaks, and food (which I ate in front of the computer) into consideration. A few general observations before sleeping and doing twelve more hours of editing tomorrow:

1. The premise of my novel is really complicated. This is generally the case for novels involving multiple realities, but I keep asking myself about every single what if, even if it’s not directly addressed in the novel. These are good things to address for worldbuilding purposes, but every question leads to another question, which leads to another, which leads to another.

2. The novel isn’t as terrible as I expected it to be. It’s (dare I say it) almost good. There are a few scenes that I know are going to be cut, and I know I’m going to rework several other things, but the storyline is mostly intact. That’s more that I can say about nearly everything else I’ve ever written. And to think I was worried about planning this novel before writing it. I hardly planned at all, and I ended up with something coherent that I can work from, which is more than I say about other novels (*cough*pumpkin novel*cough*). I’m really proud of myself.

3. I crack myself up when I write sometimes. Whether others will be as amused is yet to be determined. My sense of humor is an acquired taste. (Note: Those who follow me on Twitter have been bombarded with funny lines or lines gone wrong throughout the day.)

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