Gauss facts

You know about Chuck Norris facts if you’ve been on the Internet long enough. If you’ve done NaNoWriMo and you run in certain circles, you probably also know about Mattkinsi facts and that you should #lickmattkinsi to improve everything in your life.

But you might not know about Gauss facts, and that’s a crying shame. Carl Freidrich Gauss was one of those genius mathematicians who left no area of math untouched during his lifetime, and mathematicians today know it. You probably know it too, even if your math education ends at high school. Did you ever learn how to take the sum of n consecutive numbers? Your teacher might have told you a story about a mathematician who figured it out, probably involving a brutish schoolteacher who wanted to keep the kids busy only to find out that one kid figured out the solution instantly. That mathematician was probably Gauss, but whether he really did that is debated. There’s also an entire Wikipedia list of things named after Gauss.

With all that in mind, there’s definitely a good reason for Gauss to have his facts. These facts are hilarious and nerdy, as you’d expect. I laughed out loud while reading them since I understood almost all of them. The gist is the same as Chuck Norris facts (or any facts of these nature, really). Some of them are funny because they’re not possible in our world, mathematical or not. Others are funny because Gauss is suddenly the supermathematician from above that some have thought of him as. Others… aw, why am I explaining the joke? Go read some of them. Laugh. Look up a couple of the ones you don’t get. Learn something.

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@kamanislands At least you have heard the name! I don’t think I heard the name in elementary school, but that was a long time ago. (Not really. My parents would tell me it wasn’t that long ago.)

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