Stephen Colbert sings “Friday”. Awesome ensues.

There is a song called “Friday” sung by a thirteen-year-old girl named Rebecca Black that has been spreading around the Internet extremely quickly. If you haven’t heard it yet, be warned if you look it up. If you have, then you know how terrible the song is in its video production and its lyrics. People have been hatemongering the singer, which I don’t get at all. Sure, it’s a terrible song, but why use your supposed online anonymity to say awful things about the singer and her crappy autotune?

Then Stephen Colbert, the Roots, and Taylor Hicks saved the day with Jimmy Fallon and made Internet citizens everywhere almost like the song. The video proceeded to get the song in my head for the past half hour, and I heard it this morning. So be warned, even if there is a lot of awesome contained within.

Can they do this more often–that is, turn songs lots of people can’t stand into listenable songs? I might even listen to a second Justin Bieber song if that’s the case. I say “second” because my library claims that I’ve listened to “Never Say Never”. I have no memory of this. Then again, it also claims that I’ve listened to two Ke$ha songs. Again, I don’t remember this. Maybe Pandora or’s tag radios are to blame.

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