This is not how you do relationships

I wasn’t your stereotypical teenage girl, but I did read Seventeen. I didn’t pay much attention to the makeup and fashion articles, much preferring to read what substance there was to the magazine. But at least their relationship articles (what little I read of them, at least–I was definitely a normal teenager in that I had crushes) were more realistic than what you’d see in, say, Cosmopolitan. You’ve probably seen the ridiculous sex tips that Cosmo has given out, and if you haven’t, look them up. I promise you some of them will make you wonder what crossed the writers’ minds.

But sex isn’t the only area where Cosmo fails. Relationship advice turns out to be just as bad per this Cracked article. (Warning: It’s Cracked. I take no responsibility for any time wasted.) These bits of advice are the exact opposite of what a healthy relationship is in my experience. Being happy means he’s going to break up? Seriously, Cosmo? I’m glad I only associate with your magazine to make fun of the tips that come out of it. Even Wikipedia does relationships better than Cosmo does. The dating article offers real (and sometimes good) dating advice. That’s more than you can say for Cosmo.

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