My favorite childhood TV show

My favorite cartoon from my childhood is Hey Arnold! So many aspects of the show made this one a favorite. The kids on the show were three-dimensional, the plots kept me glued to the screen (even if they were sometimes unbelievable), and the character relationships made me wish I went to P.S. 118 instead of my school. So when I saw that Francesca Marie Smith (the voice of Helga) was doing an Ask Me Anything at Reddit, my mind went back to my childhood when I watched every episode of Hey Arnold! that was on TV. And of course, someone linked to my favorite episode ever in the comments, the one where the class goes to see Carmen. I still hear some of these lyrics when listening to Bizet. As a result I’ve spent the last couple of hours watching episodes I haven’t already seen instead of working on my script. Oops. I need to write tomorrow or I’ll lose the lead I had gained.

If you want to watch those episodes yourself, the user’s profile page says there are no videos uploaded, so you’ll have to video-hop or search for a specific episode and hope it’s uploaded. Happy watching! And what’s your favorite TV show from your childhood?

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