Script Frenzy: the week three update

Even though I stay far ahead during NaNoWriMo, I tend to barely stay on track during Script Frenzy and even drag behind. My page count has sagged like an old woman’s cleavage over the past few days, partly because I was writing a scene that hadn’t appeared in the book yet. This hesitation has made the process even more slow-going, especially since I plan on using parts of the adaptation during the editing process.

I caught up today, though. Okay, technically I’m a few lines behind, but I’m at the beginning of a new scene that has already been written, so it makes more sense to start that scene tomorrow and keep going from there.

The only problem at the moment is that I’m just over halfway through with the novel. I knew that this wouldn’t be a 100-page script, but what do I do now? Do I cram the remaining plot into 37 more pages, or do I keep writing past 100 pages? Both of them have their problems, the first because there’s so much plot left, the second because I barely stay on track during Script Frenzy. I could write more quickly if I set my mind to it, but do I really want to? How important is a completed screenplay that won’t be edited but will aid the editing process? At least I have time to think about this.

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