Easter candy fun times

Tomorrow’s Easter. For those who celebrate, enjoy your day. To everyone else, remember that Jesus was the first zombie, and he wants your brains. I already have my candy: Cadbury creme eggs, a huge chocolate bunny, those Reese’s eggs that are for some reason better than the peanut butter cups that come out during the rest of the year, and other non-Easter goodies like a Heath bar, a Kit-Kat bar, and a Moon Pie. Yup, I’m definitely set. But I haven’t had any of these Easter goodies yet.

A cupcake with a Cadbury creme egg inside. I’m torn between amazement and disgust. Should this be delicious or disgusting? Maybe it’s like the KFC Double Down, where you try it once just to say you have, then never eat it again to avoid death by calories. Full disclosure: I have yet to try to KFC Double Down. My brother has.

Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs. I haven’t tried these yet, but one day I will. Yes please.

Peepshi: the food that looks like sushi but is made of Peeps. I don’t know whether to feel the pain or be amazed. I’m more amazed than in pain. At least there’s no vinegared rice in peepshi.

I’ll have to get to work on these candies sometime. Maybe one day my Easter can be filled with fun and exciting candies. For now I’ll nom on what I have.

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