I want to visit Iceland now.

I don’t like the cold unless there’s snow, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to visit Iceland. It’s is one of the happiest places in the world, and that alone appeals to me. Iceland’s tourism board also wants me to visit Iceland, but not just because they’re supposed to get me to visit. You see, Iceland wants to be my friend. I thought the site was a joke until seeing it and Inspired by Iceland linked on the official Iceland tourism site (scroll down).

Iceland wanting to be my friend isn’t just a one-shot site. The tourism board runs a whole series of sites:

* A blog about Iceland telling stories of people who have visited
* Iceland’s Tumblr of pretty pictures
* A series on every single word in Icelandic that I’ll eventually go through
* A new Tumblr called Icelandic bands that are not Sigur Rós. I’m kind of surprised Björk wasn’t the first post, to be honest. That post will come, I’m sure.

Now I really want to go to Iceland. Who’s in?

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Ooh, me! ME!

I watched an episode of ‘Waterfront Cities of the World’ and the girl was in Iceland! I liked it. 🙂

Iceland is awesome! I highly recommend going on there if you like to travel. It’s such a beautiful, interesting country. You can do almost anything there. When we went, we even spent a night in Greenland!

I can’t wait to go back 🙂

If you’re going to Europe, IcelandAir also has stop over packages if you don’t want to spend a whole vacation there.

Iceland Wants to Be Your Friend? You definitely want to take them up on that offer. lol

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