The day of the tornadoes

The past day has been tornado day where I live. Before starting on this: I’m fine. My place didn’t get damaged, and I didn’t even lose power. All that happened where I live is a bit of a storm, and I can handle storms. A massive tornado hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The people I know there are physically fine, but there’s massive damage all around. Most of the tornadoes over the past day have been in Mississippi and Alabama, but there have been a few in Georgia and Tennessee.

Then there was the one in my town. It struck just a few minutes east of where I live and left few parts of downtown (if you can call the business part of a tiny town downtown) untouched. The whole town is blocked off, something my brother and I found out when we decided to check out the damage. The county is in a state of emergency; I’m not sure how long that’ll last. The high school and middle school have suffered huge damage, and a wing of the middle school is missing. A three-story hotel collapsed.

Rebuilding a whole town is going to take a long time, but thankfully natural disasters can’t destroy our memories. Towns can be rebuilt. Memories are much more difficult to reconstruct.

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