The Exactly 1667 a Day Challenge

May has arrived, meaning my challenge to write something in exact 1667-word increments begins today. This would be less of a problem if plots had been on my mind for the last few days. They have not been. I have quite a few ideas bouncing around my mind, but I want to save some of them for NaNoWriMo or the Three-Day Novel weekend, leaving me at least three ideas in reserve.

If I’m lucky something will come to me while I sleep tonight. If not, I guess I’m writing one of the ideas I hoped to put in reserve, even though they’re not well formed yet. That’s what pantsing is for, right? Surely I’ll be writing slowly enough to let them develop well and learn the art of writing comparatively slowly again.

One reply on “The Exactly 1667 a Day Challenge”

Wow, how weird, I’m doing just that this month too. I hit a slump in my writing and needed something to challenge me so I’m going to Nanowrimo it! 😀 Good luck with your story 🙂

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