I’m definitely a novel girl

I’ve been doing well at writing exactly 1667 words per day this month, even if I have finished the quota at one in the morning every day so far before today. The main reason for that is because I’m writing a bunch of short stories this month, and I have lots of trouble with short stories. You see, my brain does not do short very well. I was the kid who wrote really long stories in school when it was time to write a story. When the assignment was for one page, I easily quintipled that before getting to the point, which was usually incorporating vocabulary words. One time I turned in a twenty-page story for a project that was still rushed at the end. The teacher imposed a maximum page limit the next time she gave the same assignment. I’m pretty sure no one approached that maximum, whatever it was.

So asking me to work on a maximum word count, especially what is now a very short one, is now proving to be as hard as I once thought writing an entire novel was. The funny part is that my maximum word count for a given story (1000 words) is probably about five handwritten sheets of notebook paper front and back. That’s about what I filled for a typical story in school, and most of the time I still wasn’t finished.

Yep, I’m definitely a novel girl.

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I’m like that as well. I end up writing 1/4 before I decide to turn it into a novel, haha.

But on the other hand, aren’t blogs entries about the same length or even shorter than short stories?

That’s a really good point. What makes blog entries so easy to end so quickly? I haven’t written a blog post greater than a thousand words in a long time. Maybe it’s my general aversion toward nonfiction–unless, of course, I’m writing about me. 😛 (No, really. I took a nonfiction class during my last semester of college and pulled everything out by the skin of my teeth. Of course, taking an overload and writing two theses at the same time may have had something to do with that, considering the nonfiction class was supposed to be the easy class…)

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