Happy Mother’s Day

By the time I finish writing this post, it will likely be Sunday. This particular Sunday is Mother’s Day in the United States and lots of other countries, including Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Italy, and Japan. It’s the most popular day for Mother’s Day, so if you’re somewhere in the world and aren’t sure which day is Mother’s Day or if that country celebrates it, the second Sunday of May isn’t a bad guess. As is usually the case for holidays like Mother’s Day, countries like to celebrate it on different days with no consistency at all except for the second Sunday of May being a very popular day, the other popular day being 8 March for those countries that celebrate International Women’s Day and not Mother’s Day.

If you’re in the UK, Ireland, or Nigeria, you’re on your own for figuring out the date of Mother’s Day. Fourth Sunday of Lent? Good luck figuring that one out. I’m guessing getting your weeks mixed up would be a bad excuse for forgetting.

Actually, I just learned how the dates for Lent are counted, at least the Lent that most people I know observe it. There are more than forty days in Lent because apparently Sundays don’t count. What is this? There’s a lot of miseducation going on if people really think Lent is just forty days long.

Sense. This makes none. Go hug your mom today if she’s around. That’ll make a lot more sense.

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