Cool of the day: AquaNotes

I get all my best ideas in the shower. It never fails. The white noise of the shower helps empty my brain and open it up to things I’ve never considered before, and of course, I have to hurry up and finish the shower so I can write the idea down. I’ve considered a few ways to write these ideas down. A regular notebook is inconvenient for stepping out of the middle of a warm shower and scribbling down all those good ideas. Shower crayons are good, but you’d have to wipe down the shower after copying or photographing the text, and I’d probably find myself playing with them when great ideas weren’t popping up. At least I’d have a clean shower.

Or I could get a waterproof notepad. I’m not kidding. The slogan is “No more great ideas down the drain!”, and as someone who gets all her best ideas in the shower, this thing is a required item in my life. It’s a good thing the site sells the notepads in packs of five because I can see myself going through these very quickly.

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