Even more things that make me feel old

Lots of things make me feel old. Kids born in 1990 will be able to drink legally in the U.S. this year. The little kids in my family have better phones than my dumbphone.

Today’s Buzzfeed list on things that will make you feel old targets those in my generation, and I can identify with almost all of them. Surge? They served us that in third grade after we walked three miles in the battlefield. Hey, let’s rehydrate the kids with a ton of caffeine and carbonated water! The Spice Girls are all in their mid-to-late thirties. All three Hansons are parents. State quarters are no longer a big deal.

Oh, and the Rugrats can drink, too. I never thought of the Rugrats being almost my age. Aren’t they supposed to be babies forever? (Sorry, the All Growed Up series does not exist in my mind.) There should be a real All Growed Up series with the Rugrats as real adults. Okay, maybe not a series. The one with the Rugrats as older kids wasn’t that great, but maybe that’s just a result of my getting older. An episode or two would suffice.

I’ll be in this corner feeling old and decrepit.

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