Not your grandmother’s linkspam

It’s 1am and I still haven’t written a thing today. Oops. Have a linkspam.

Jonathan Coulton’s on NPR! The interview’s about his musical career and the Internet-driven nature of it.

Osama bin laden had a porn stash. Why is this news? What I want to know is whether bin Laden’s porn stash is now classified information. Guess we’ll never know whether bin Laden liked big butts or whether he could lie about it.

A cleaning lady at UPenn tells an interesting tale of her life.

The 14th of May is Give Your Stuff Away Day! Not enough people wander my street (read: no one) to justify doing this myself, but I will do some cleaning tomorrow.

And finally, photos of mathematicians. See, mathematicians are normal, too, except we know what it means to be normal.

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