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A certain Leo Fair pointed out that I had never mentioned Khan Academy here. This must change.

Khan Academy is an educational site with videos designed to help you learn things. A lot of the topics, especially the more fleshed-out ones, focus on math and science, but there are also a lot of videos in economics and even a few in history. The math topics are the most fleshed out of the topics; you could probably start at the most basic math topics and work your way up to differential equations and linear algebra with Khan. Heck, I could probably use some of these topics as a review.

The real question is why I didn’t know about this site when I was taking physics. Maybe I would have done better with these videos than I would have just looking over my notes before the quiz and doing a few problems before the midterm and final. Maybe I can make up for that by using Khan now.

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The badge and energy point gaming system is what I love about the site, especially for kids and those of the gamer mindset. It gives you something to gauge your progress and balances rewards for achievement and effort well. If only you didn’t have to log into either Google or Facebook to use it. :/ (Tons of people have their email addresses as usernames because of the Google issue. ><!)

Now I disappear for a few more months or until the OLL stirs up my writing hornet's nest again.

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