One third of the world’s food is wasted

A few days ago the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology released a study revealing that a third of the world’s food is wasted. Yes, a third, for a total of over a billion tons of food a year. I can’t imagine how much food that is; that’s how much food a billion tons is. Many of the sources of food waste are what you’d expect, like all you can eat buffets, buy one get one free offers, and fruits and vegetables with a limited life expectancy. But the sad yet unsurprising part is that developed countries as a whole are the ones throwing out more food. It’s a sad sign of the throwaway culture we live in. Food’s gone bad? Throw it out and get another one. We never think of the consequences of doing so, nor do we think of the resources that brought the food to us that are also wasted when we throw the food out. But how do we stop it?

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