Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?

Anyone who has natural disasters on their mind knows that they need to prepare for a zombie apocalypse in order to be truly prepared for an emergency. Not everyone can live in a zombie-proof house, but all of us can stock up on supplies and hide in our bunkers until the zombies get us. Luckily the CDC recognizes the zombie apocalypse. The CDC’s site crashed when this article showed up on their blog a few days ago, but now the article’s on the main site, which is now much more stable. Most of the advice is the same as what you’d do when you prepare for any other disaster: store the essential items, arrange a meeting place for family and loved ones, plan an evacuation route, identify emergency contacts, etc. Using the zombie apocalypse turned out to be a great way to promote emergency preparedness, and I for one am glad to see that the CDC isn’t afraid to reach out in this way.

The CDC is also hosting a video contest on emergency preparedness that runs through 3 June. Yes, zombies count as an emergency. As far as I can tell, there’s no prize besides having your video featured, but the contest calls for a sixty-second video, so if making videos is your thing, get your video chops on.

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