My not-so-new favorite Pandora station

It’s no secret that I love Pandora’s online radio. I’ve created around twenty stations and ported in three of Pandora’s stations from Valoween. Three of them are crowdsourced from Twitter. You can view all of my stations here. Some of my stations are more exciting than others, and even though I Quickmix most of my stations, I can still sense the quality variation.

Until now. I’ve created a station that hasn’t left my Pandora dial for at least a month. It has an overall consistent vibe, but not so consistent that the station gets boring. The overall vibe is chill and soft with some upbeat tunes, but not so upbeat that you’d hear it in a dance club. The seeds are Chris Bathgate, Breathe Owl Breathe, and The American Dollar, and the result is nothing short of musical beauty. Here’s the station. Enjoy.

Bonus: If for some reason this station gets boring, I can Quickmix it with my station containing Chris Garneau, The Coral Sea, and The Album Leaf for even more chill goodness. The Coral Sea may bring the chill factor down a bit, though.

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