You are normal

We all feel self-conscious sometimes. From wondering whether our bodies are normal to what we’re feeling is normal, self-consciousness is part of being human. But there are some questions about our bodies and being human we can’t ask too many people without feeling stupid or venturing into really personal territory for overshare reasons. Maybe you wouldn’t ask the Internet under your regular account for fear that someone would trace your question back to you, an understandable fear if, like me, you use one username in many places.

But because this is the Internet, chances are someone else has expressed the same concern, and you can gain some confidence in yourself, even if the voice telling you you’re just fine isn’t a professional. Or you can learn about other people and their quirks, which is always handy when learning about the opposite sex. Admit it, there are things you’ve always wanted to know that you don’t want to ask. Reddit to the rescue! Find out everything you ever wanted to know about guys as told by guys and everything you ever wanted to know about ladies but never could ask. These threads are extremely long, and I don’t recommend reading them at work, not because of the sexual content (some does exist), but because you will be laughing at some points. Hard.

And then you’ll be relieved that those things you thought were freaky are perfectly normal. Unless you have a horn growing out of your forehead. Then you might want to get that checked out.

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