Please don’t take all your online behavior offline

We put a lot of ourselves online for the world to see. I’ve discussed this before, but it’s true. Would I introduce ourselves to someone by walking up to them and saying something like, “Hello, I’m Sushi, 24, single, from Georgia, and interested in friendship. I enjoy math, writing, languages, the Internet, music, and all sorts of geeky things. My email address is sushimustwrite at and you can contact me via just about any means possible. The random thought on my mind at the moment is that really annoying flicker in the distance. Is there something wrong with the light? Is it flickering intentionally?”

Of course we don’t. That would be creepy. (And if you’re wondering, my Facebook profile doesn’t even have that much about me, though the Internet at large does mostly because I trust the wider Internet with my info more than Facebook.) We don’t ask people if they’d like to be our friends, either, though sometimes I wish we did, just to have a well-defined line between friend and acquaintance.

So what would happen if we did act like we do on Facebook and Twitter? This. (Source)

Full disclosure: I do engage in literal poke wars with friends, but at least I don’t go around Liking everything I see. That’s a start, right?

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