Strange names for everyday things

I find myself thinking “Is there a name for that?” regularly, usually for objects whose best description is “thingy”. Classy, yes, but there usually is a name for that object, even if it’s not very well-known, and knowing that name is great for trivia contests and impressing people.

Now I can add to that list. I’ve heard the term tittle for the dot over an i or j but forgot about it until now. I have a double tittle in my name, which is asking for bad jokes. Besides that, I knew about four of these before reading the article, so a lot of these were new and fascinating to me. Who knew there was a term for finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning? Now I can use a big word for not wanting to get out of bed and make it sound legitimate instead of lazy. That’s what I call a good use of trivia.

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