I finally joined the smartphone world

I’ve finally entered the world of the smartphone. It was about time, too. I had my last phone for four years, and it was absolutely dumb by modern standards. It wasn’t all that bright by 2007 standards, to be honest. Upgrading time came, and I went ahead and got the Droid X2, and I’m loving it so far. There are a few little quirks to it, but the only con so far is that I can’t fit it in most of my pants pockets. Why do fashion designers think women don’t need pockets? We definitely do. Where else are we supposed to put our phones and keys and pens and flashlights? I went to the post office this afternoon and stashed my new shiny toy in my pocket. It peeked out of there. Lovely.

So what am I supposed to do with this phone, Internet? I definitely plan on playing with it more. In fact, I spent most of today playing with it so I could get the urge to play out of the way and not kil even more days by doing so. I already have a dictionary, apps for a few of my favorite sites (including Reddit, which won’t end well), a text editor (duh), a multipurpose tool including a flashlight and compass and other neat things, and Irssi Connectbot, though I haven’t gotten around to configuring SSH yet.

Any other suggestions, dear Internet?

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1) Goodreads app. You’ll find it in the ‘apps’ tab under ‘My Account’ on the Goodreads site. Sadly, they do not have BlackBerry app so I’m stuck using the mobile site, which is still pretty decent for what I use it for.

2) Google Maps. Heck, check out anything specifically made by Google for your device, as I would expect seamless functionality with Android, another Google Product (duh!).

3) WordPress. There’s an app for that.

4) A good weather app, if such a thing tickles your fancy at all. I have one from the Weather Network for my Blackberry.

Well, those are my suggestions, such as they are from my sleep-hazed brain. 🙂

I actually downloaded the Goodreads app on the way back from the store where I got the phone. Google Maps and a weather app came preloaded, and the weather app is from the Weather Channel, so hooray! The WordPress app is breaking on me for some reason. Looking at the reviews it’s not just me, so maybe there’ll be an update soon. The fact that you’ve chosen apps I’ve already downloaded (or tried to) shows that you have good taste in apps. 😛

I’ve sworn up and down that I wouldn’t download that game and get sucked in. I have enough to do as it is! Funnily enough, my dad discovered Angry Birds on display at the tablets at the Verizon store and found himself having fun playing it. That stuff sucks you in. My brother showed my mom how to put the game on her new phone. It’s all over now.

But like everyone else, I’m sure I’ll cave. Eventually.

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