Camp NaNoWriMo has begun. Guess what my word count is.

Since it’s almost 1am on the third, I can safely say that day three of Camp NaNoWriMo’s July session has begun. Based on past NaNo experiences, one might think that I’m well ahead of the daily goal. Well, I’m not. I haven’t written a single word yet despite having a two-word plot summary but no actual plot. Those two words are “ghost romance”, for the curious.

To be honest, I haven’t given much thought to the plot, which should be a good motivator for me to get going. After all, I came up with the idea for last year’s Three-Day Novel five minutes before the thing began and still finished it on time. This should be cake in comparison, right? Just sit down and start writing about anything at all like I did then? Who cares whether the second person in the romance is a ghost or a human. That can be figured out later, right? Maybe the first few thousand words can be ghost adventures before deciding. Hey, it worked before. Who says it won’t work again?

The worst case scenario is that I’ll start really late and rush to the finish. The only problem here is that my past writing history tells me that I can do this and turn out okay, barring any unforeseen circumstances like real life. Whatever I do, I should do something related to writing, even if it’s figuring out a summary beyond “ghost romance”. To the plot!

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Good luck!! I’m doing a rewrite of last years Nano which I’ve pretty much been re-plotting and outlining since then so I kinda know what the plot is. Subject to change and all that if something better comes up 😛

Hope you figure it out! I’m sure you will, after all that’s what pantsing is all about 😀

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