Happy Independence Day, Americans

It’s the fourth, which means today’s Independence Day in the United States. I could hear and see fireworks from my house all weekend, which is great in that I didn’t have to leave the house and push through people to see them. Blowing things up to celebrate the founding of this country may not be what my founding fathers had in mind, but let’s face it. Blowing things up for fun and debt is the American way.

Thanks to the fourth being a federal holiday and a very important one, lots of things of importance to the United States have happened on this day in history. Wikipedia has a good list, which also includes things that don’t have a major impact on American history. Many of these events could have happened any other day, like the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Leaves of Grass, the construction of the Erie Canal in Rome (New York, not Italy, and hey, I’ve been there, and to the canal too!), the announcement of Lou Gehrig’s retirement, and the opening of the Tuskegee Institute.

Federal holiday aside, Independence Day is also a huge cookout day. It’s a grilled hamburger day at my house this year unless plans change at the last minute. So go out, enjoy some fireworks, and have fun. Unless you work, in which case you have my pity, or if you’re not American, in which case I’ll wish you your country’s independence day on the appropriate day. Sorry I missed Canada Day, though.

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