South Sudan is offically a country

Some countries seem almost as old as time, while others, like the United States and Canada, are quite young. Maybe it’s because of this that new countries don’t come along too often. But today a new one did.

South Sudan has been an entity for awhile. The process for its independence began at the end of the Second Sudanese Civil War in 2005 when South Sudan was given autonomy followed by a referendum for independence, among other things. Of course, the vast majority voted for independence, and now South Sudan is its own country.

Sudan is a country with a long and complex history. You may have heard of Darfur, the region of western Sudan known for its recent war. The entire country is full of history, and its recent history is packed with happenings, particularly through the Second Sudanese Civil War. Sudan’s Wikipedia article has some issues, but on the whole it’s not a terrible place to start learning about the country that South Sudan came from.

Welcome to the world of officiality, South Sudan.

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