Quick post: I’m finally on Google+

I was never in love with Google+. The idea is a good one, but it’s by Google, the company that brought us social products like Buzz and Wave. So when Google+ was announced with its circles, I sighed and moved on with my life without asking for an invite like everyone else. Multiple people have told me to get on there, but someone finally sent me an invite unprompted tonight. I took it and hopped on Google+.

I’ll have a longer post with my impressions of the site in the next few days, but so far Google+ isn’t bad for what it does. There are some areas in which it needs a lot of work, namely its intolerance for pseudonyms and its privacy settings. But for now, for what it does, it’s not that bad.

And yes, you can add me to a circle if you like. I’m not under my real name, meaning I probably won’t last for long. Again, more on that later, but the gist of my pseudonym is that almost no one would recognize me under my real name anyway. So look for Sushi M. Write when you search.

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