The inability to quit the little things

As many of you know, I got a smartphone a few weeks ago. I have no idea how I lived without this thing for so long. Okay, having the Internet in my pocket is definitely something I could live without if pressed, but after experiencing life with the web at my fingertips wherever I go, going back to the time before would be really difficult. Seriously, if I get bored when out and about, I usually have my phone with me. Just whip it out and check the activity of the Web. Problem solved. I’ve already done this at my uncle’s house, while standing in line at the store, and yes, on the toilet.

So let’s talk about other things whose greatness I never knew of until discovering them. Clearly the NaNo community is up there, but let’s stick to those small things in life. Tabbed browsing is another thing I can’t live without now that I’ve discovered it. Condensing all those windows into one is a lifechanger, I tell you. Another one is being able to order delivery food online. Pizza places, I’m looking at you. Actually, online shopping in general fits here, along with just about anything Internet-related: chatting, email, searching for information… how on earth did I live without a way to communicate instantly with people halfway across the world? Yes, there’s a telephone, but those are expensive.

I’m sure there are others. What little things could you not live without now that you’ve discovered them?

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