I finally put games on my phone. Oops.

I finally did the unthinkable. I installed Angry Birds, Bejeweled, and Sudoku on my phone yesterday, and I’ve been playing them since. This may or may not be why I haven’t written a word since Thursday.

Angry Birds, for those who don’t know, is a puzzle game where you fling birds with slingshots to kill pigs. The catch is that there are obstacles between the birds and the pigs, and these obstacles get progressively harder. I beat parts one and two of stage one in a few hours over the past two days and am now on part three, and the difficulty has definitely been kicked up several notches. It helps if you know some basic physics since the slingshots send the birds in a parabola, but in the end strategy and a little bit of luck will also get you a long way. There’s a reason Angry Birds isn’t just a nerd game.

As for Bejeweled, I can now save games on my phone. This changes everything. See, before now I had Bejeweled on my laptop. This meant I had to drag out my laptop, boot it in Windows instead of Linux, and wait forever while Windows booted up before playing. That alone kept me from playing unless I was already in Windows on that computer for some reason, which is rarely these days. Now that I have Bejeweled on my phone and now that I can save games, I can see my spare time going down the drain very quickly, especially since I’m on level 37 with four hypercubes.

What have I done? Now I have to put these games down for a few days while I finish writing this book. If I don’t finish Camp NaNo, this is why.

Any recommendations for others on Android? I probably won’t try them for quite awhile, but if I get very bored or beat Angry Birds, this post will still be here.

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