Camp NaNoWriMo: The Last Weekend

Remember Camp NaNoWriMo? Yeah, me too. I told myself I’d write 50k this month for that. Here we are at the last weekend. Some of my friends have already finished. Others are on track but still writing. A few more are way behind.

And then there’s me. Last time we talked about Camp NaNo I was a quarter of the way to my goal. Theoretically this meant I would hav written a few thousand words a day to reach 50k. If I were smart I would have done this.

Apparently I was not smart. That’s why I’m at 16,000 words right now with two days to go. Meep. That’s over 30,000 words in two days, meaning I’d have to write a lot over the next two days in order to finish. But I like the story in progress, so finishing is definitely worth a shot. In any case, it’s good preparation for the Three-Day Novel.

Send help.

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