New layout!

I finally got around to installing a theme on this site that wasn’t the Twenty Ten theme. Hooray! Most importantly, it’s a dark theme, which is great for me in particular because I don’t have to look at a white background on the occasions that I am looking for something on my own site. If only the WordPress admin panel had a dark theme, I’d be set.

Actually, you know what? If there were a way to make the entire Web dark-themed, I’d be set. This is probably possible through a Greasemonkey script or modifying some files in my browser, but care would have to be taken to make sure sites don’t look ugly or text doesn’t become unreadable because of it. Just about everything else is as dark as humanly possible, making the white in any site stand out. What’s a girl to do?

One reply on “New layout!”

So it is possible to get firefox to override this. I don’t know the settings off the top of my head, but I had a friend who had a script that would change firefox to a “dark” theme after sunset.

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