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As I mentioned in my list of goals for 2011, I want to go to the Night of Writing Dangerously, a write-a-thon fundraiser in November by the NaNoWriMo staff. I’ve been planning my fundraising page and bribes for months in preparation for the day the event fundraising page went up and I could simply make a few small changes and practice my copying and pasting skills to get started immediately.

My Night of Writing Dangerously page text has been ready for quite awhile, so I let it sit until the fundraising page sneaked its way onto the Internet today. A few tweaks later, my fundraising page made its way to the Web.

Then another idea for bribes came in, courtesy of OLL’s Sarah. My Twitter icon is rather iconic, and she joked that she might not recognize me if I didn’t come in looking like that. She suggested that I add one element of the outfit for every hundred dollars I raise.

I could go to the Night of Writing Dangerously looking like this.

Well, that would mean I’d be outfitted up for right around a thousand dollars. Why not reward people for raising more? For every hundred dollars over the minimum $250, I will wear one element of the icon’s outfit. This means that if you raise $1450 on my page I will go to the write-a-thon looking as much like that sea kitten as humanly possible.

But there are individual prizes too. Everyone who donates receives a thank you email from me. Donating five dollars gets you a Twitter shoutout. Ten dollars gets something or someone in my novel named after you. Twenty gets a character of yours in my novel (or a character of your choice created in my novel for the non-Wrimos). The custom pep talk comes at forty.

If you are the top donor, you will get to choose the idea for one of my novels this year. I’m not kidding. It’ll probably be my 50k weekend novel. This is the big one, folks.

My fundraising goal for this year is $500, twice the minimum for admission to the event. Take a look at my fundraising page for the full deal. Thank you so much, and you rock no matter your support level, from donation to spreading the word to wishing me many words in November.

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