Achievement unlocked: Moving and a neat room

I’ve finally moved in and unpacked everything except for a box in the kitchen. That can wait until tomorrow. The worst that can happen is that I’ll unpack all those dishes as I need them in the same way that I unpacked boxes of other things as I needed them in the past.

But today I told myself that I was going to have a perfectly organized room, even if it was for less than 24 hours. So I got to work unpacking, organizing, and making sure everything was in place because it sure as heck won’t be in a few weeks. I’m not overly messy, just disorganized. My piles are organized, though!

Here are a couple of pics of the neat room (but not for much longer):

The big picture view

The closet

So much space! I could have a slumber party in here. Actually, that’s what the upstairs loft area should be for. Maybe I should get on that.

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