The 3-Day Novel weekend approacheth

The Three-Day Novel Contest is this weekend. Guess who has no plot for it?

If you guessed this girl, you would be correct. I keep telling myself I have days to come up with a plot because that’s what I did last year. Didn’t my eleventh hour plot turn into a whole three-day novel? It did, and that’s what I keep telling myself for this year. I can do it this year. I can pull it off again.

My goal this year is 50,000 words again and a full short novel. It’ll be harder this year. There’s a Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm show right before the weekend starts, along with a book festival that weekend that I’ll probably pop in on at some point, not to mention a friend is coming into town that weekend. I’ll have my work cut out for me, but it can get done, right?

I think so too.

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