Girl Scout cookie season is almost here

Hello there, September. How are you? Since it is September, a very important time of year is slowly approaching, one of tasty tasty cookies. That’s right. Girl Scout cookies. They may not be made of actual Girl Scouts, but they’re delicious nonetheless and much more delicious than they would be if they were made of real Girl Scouts. (For those who don’t live in the United States, Girl Scouts is an organization for girls. The girls do all sorts of things to broaden their horizons. I was never one myself but know people who were.)

The Girl Scout cookie wars are fierce. Your cookie of choice is a very personal choice, and I understand that, even if I may disagree with you. However, I must come out and say that Thin Mints are superior, with Samoas following close behind. Apparently the masses agree with me on the Thin Mints front, at least if this cookie chart is any indicator. Maybe they like putting the Thin Mints in the freezer for a little piece of heaven. Mmmm. If nothing else, I’m definitely not a cookie hipster, but that’s okay.

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

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