Concerts and Three-Day Novels

First, I missed a post yesterday. Now we know that there is a person who can make me miss a post. Or rather, multiple people, since I was at a concert with a friend last night. I’ll let you place the blame, but it’s okay if you lay all of it on me.

The concert was of Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm. It was the album release party of JoCo’s new album Artificial Heart, which is his first album with a band and a real producer and everything. I’ve been so busy with moving and getting settled that I haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but it’ll happen soon.

Meanwhile, the Three-Day Novel weekend has begun. Unlike last year where I got really far ahead straight out the gate, I’ve struggled a lot. This is mostly because I have a close and personal connection with the story I’m writing. That’s how I find myself at eight thousand words twenty-four hours in. Crap. Double crap when you realize I’m ideally aiming for fifty thousand words. I sense a couple of 20k days ahead.

Triple crap because I’m going to turn this novel on its head so I can keep writing it without stopping to get over the feelings I’m experiencing thanks to the close personal connection. Luckily I stopped the plot today at a great place to do so. The characters are in a bar, and we all know that all kinds of mysterious things happen in bars. We’re about to find out what’ll happen in this one.

I haven’t given up hope yet. If I can write 50,000 words in 48 hours, then I can do this. Thank you, 50k weekend.

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