I never seem to get around to making any of these

Let’s talk about food. I’ve been gazing at food recipes for the past hour, telling myself that I’d go to bed any time now, but no, recipes and recipes and recipes and scouring my Delicious bookmarks have taken up my night.

Like this one for stewed apples with macaroni and cheese.

And Punchfork, which shows you which recipes people are sharing from around the Web.

And veggie chips. Potato chips aren’t my favorite snack, but sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods ever. I know what I’m doing when sweet potatoes go on sale come Thanksgiving. (Actually, I just bought more carrots today. I may have to give the carrot chips on that page a shot.)

And Wil Wheaton’s really spicy black bean soup recipe.

And while we’re discussing sweet potatoes, cranberry sweet potato muffins. Man, now I’m hungry again.

And this five-minute chocolate cake. This is just right for one person and a bit of leftovers.

And finally, homemade gummy candy. I still haven’t made any of these yet. This should change.

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