How do you know if someone likes you that way?

How do you know if someone’s flirting with you? The signs are different for every person, but we can agree that a lot of special attention, both physical and not, can mean special interest of the non-platonic variety.

You could take the obvious way out and ask them, but come on, that takes balls. Sneakier would be to look out for those signs, but what are those signs? Let’s see what the Internet has to say. Over at /r/AskReddit, someone asks for those signs, and the submitter of the post compiled them. Most of them are obvious: physical contact, being very friendly, and leaning in for a kiss (a sexy sexy kiss). But then you have other things like (and I kid you not):

* he’s talking to her
* she has a preemptive hunch
* he asks her what time it is
* he asks her for directions
* he asks her if he can ask her a question
* he smiles at her
* he is breathing

Man, all these guys around me were hitting on me and I didn’t know it? Maybe I should breathe right back at them. That’ll show them, right? Right?

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