Linkspam, linkspam, linkspam!

It’s Friday, and I haven’t been getting down at all; I’ve been trying to fix my SSH instance on my phone and wishing I had copied my ~/.ssh folder to my new computer. That would have made my life so much easier, but did I think about that? Noooooo.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can smile and nod politely. I’ll understand. Or you can have a few links.

If you are curious as to what I’m talking about, SSH, or Secure Shell, is a way to connect to other computers securely. The Wikipedia article isn’t terrible, though parts of it are very detailed. SSH lets me access my chat client from anywhere, among other things. If I start using a terminal-based text editor for writing, then I could also run that in screen and access that anywhere with an Internet connection. Aww yeah.

Do you love making snap judgments of people? Go to town. Right now you can judge people on the introversion/extraversion scale as well as a smart/dense scale. You can also add your own photo to the database.

Apple is worth more than lots of things. Here are some of them. Of note: All the illegal drugs in the world, the GDP of Denmark, and every home in Atlanta combined.

Do you have all the feelings? Leave those bags for someone else. Someone will send you a song for your feelings. Eventually. Apparently there’s a bit of a backlog. I submitted my feelings last night and haven’t gotten a song yet. You can also go through the feelings of others and find songs for them.

And finally, This is a giant chalkboard with an enormous math equation on it. Yes, it’s a real giant chalkboard in New York City with a real equation. Whether you like math or not, this is pretty neat, especially the solution. All of us should keep that solution in mind.

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