Wikiwrimo is more open than ever

I love being a geek, but there’s one problem with it. The problem is that I’m up at 3am because I was fixing geeky things. Here the geeky things were things on the Wikiwrimo site, hammering them into shape before Nano season really gets going. This is particularly important as one huge feature has been broken for months and I never noticed. Oops.

Which brings me to the big thing. You can now just sign up and edit! Just create an account and start editing the wiki. We’ll see how much spam the site gets as a result, but I do have a few measures in place to prevent some of it with more ideas in case the spam gets bad. The big weapons haven’t been brought out yet.

So get to editing! And especially find your region and write about it. I can’t write about all the regions, and you know yours better than I do. Even a few sentences are better than nothing; those few sentences can encourage more folks to edit the page to a great article. So what are you waiting for…inspiration?

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