A walk through my alma mater

I spent the last part of this afternoon wandering around my college. I hadn’t been on the campus for almost two years, but the appearance of the campus was almost exactly as I remembered it. No new buildings, no major renovations. The main thing I noticed was that a couple of offices on campus had switched places, but those things tend to happen.

No one recognized me during my wanderings. This was probably for the best; I just wanted to take everything in and go on a nice long walk. That I happened to be wearing a shirt from that college (I was wearing it as a pajama top and forgot about it when leaving) probably helped my case for being a student. The big question is how much longer I can blend in like this. Eventually I’ll start to age and not look like I did at graduation, meaning folks will think of me as more of someone walking through the campus and less of a student.

That day, thankfully, is not now. For now I’ll keep on wandering.

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