Me, having a social life?

Guess whose idea it was to go out of town right before the NaNo site relaunch?

Okay, it wasn’t entirely my idea, and I made these plans before the new NaNo relaunch was announced. In fact, when I was making plans to be away last weekend, I was still of the mindset that the site relaunch would be happening then and planned accordingly. (Thank goodness for smartphones.)

But thank goodness I’ve managed to chop away at a good chunk of my to-do list before NaNo, though I’m still wondering how many of the great threads from this year I’ll get around to archiving after getting back. The archivist in me is running around like a headless chicken at all the threads being lost to the site wipe and trying to save the best of them before relaunch. A nearly impossible task, I realize, but someone has to make it happen. And who else cares enough to make it happen?

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