Introducing NaNoLanta’s Evening of Writing Wildly

I’ve been keeping this a secret for weeks, but since it was announced this weekend I can finally announce it.

You probably know I’m going to the Night of Writing Dangerously, the write-a-thon fundraiser put on by the Office of Letters and Light. But not everyone can travel to San Francisco for the event. That’s why this year, the Atlanta region is putting on its very first Evening of Writing Wildly. It’ll be on the same night as the Night of Writing Dangerously from 5pm to 10pm at Oglethorpe University (think northeastern Atlanta), who has kindly donated a space for us wild writers to use.

There will be prizes. There will be speakers. There will be performances. And there will be food, even if it’s a potluck dinner. And if we get the wifi set up and ready to go from both places, the event may even have me making an appearance from the Night of Writing Dangerously!

So if you live close enough to make the drive to Atlanta, you should come! It’ll be a blast.

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